Downtown Cairo is one of the closest areas to the hearts of the Egyptian people. It’s one of the most vibrant and busiest neighbourhoods in Cairo that carries so much history in its streets and buildings. From historical sites to mindblowing architecture, Downtown Cairo is hands down the ultimate hang out destination. That’s why we’ve gathered these five hidden gems to make the best out of your visit.

#1 Carlton Roof Garden

This rooftop garden at the top of one of Cairo’s oldest hotels, the Carlton Hotel, is where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Downtown.

Address: 21 26th of July st. (next to Rivoli Cinema).

#2 Cairoma

Serving top-notch Italian cuisine in a setting that is no less than an authentic pizzeria in one of Rome’s alleys. The place is distinguished with its vintage atmosphere and its music playlist of classics. You should really pay Cairoma a visit if you’re up for some delicious pasta or a cheesy pizza.

Address: 19 Yousef El Gendy st., Bab El Louk.

#3 Cap D'or

Cap D'or is one of the oldest bars in Downtown Cairo that offers a reasonably priced menu. Not to mention its cosy and vintage atmosphere, of course.

Address: Al Fawalah, Abdeen.

#4 Kunst

Kunst is a place where you can sip on your coffee while reading a book. The coffee shop also happens to have a gallery where you can get your hands on some elegant accessories.

Address: 28 Sherif Basha st., Al Fawalah, Abdeen.

#5 Oldish

This café, with a charming, cosy, and “oldish” atmosphere, is known for its friendly staff and ambience. Oldish offers indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Address: Mohamed Mahmoud st. (behind the GrEEK Campus).

Have you been to any of those places before?