You are the sum of your habits. When bad habits control your daily life, you will have to face some serious consequences that could be worse than you'd ever imagine. However, with some slight changes in your daily routine, you can definitely lead a better life.

New chapters always require some change, so what's better than starting your new year with a better version of yourself? Here are five bad habits you need to quit in 2020.

#1 Driving with windows open

Feeling the air flirting your hands and face is undoubtedly a great feeling, but have you ever thought about the effect of the polluted air from car exhaust on your lungs? 

A study, conducted in Southern California, has shown that if you spend 6% of your day driving a car with an open window, you'll be exposed to a pollution rate of 45%, which is too much for one's lungs. 

#2 Carrying a heavy handbag

Many girls and women put lots of unnecessary things that they will not use in their handbags. Carrying a heavy handbag can lead to back cramps, neck pain, and arthritis. So, if you don't need it, there's no need to carry it. 

#3 Drinking a cup of tea after each meal

It is known that tea contains tannins, a substance that prevents the absorption of iron by the intestines. Depriving your body of iron can, later on, cause anaemia.

There is no doubt that tea is beneficial to an extent, but controlling your consumption is necessary. It is advisable to drink your cup without linking it to mealtimes, and for the amount, it's better to drink just one cup a day, and not more than three.

#4 Sitting in front of your laptop for a long time

Sitting in front of your laptop for long periods, scrolling through your feed or watching YouTube videos, may cause back and spine pain. The more the hours, the more the pain. It can also result in other complications such as insomnia, cramps in the arms, and eye inflammation. If your work requires you to be sitting in front of the screen, then at least, take a break whenever you can, sit with a straight back, and stretch!

#5 Checking your mobile phone once you wake up

Checking your mobile phone first thing in the morning is one of the most toxic daily habits that are common nowadays, especially with the widespread of smartphones, which have become an alternative to computers. 

Looking directly at your mobile phone screen right after you wake up will ruin the rest of your day. It makes you less productive as it consumes your energy.