Years are passing by, and as we grow up, we realise how much life has changed. We think of our childhood memories, and long to have them back. We always love it when we find our missing favourite toys in a random drawer, or an old picture of ourselves when we were younger. Eid’s memories are one of these meaningful things, and that’s why it marks a favourite holiday for Egyptians.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to realise that some rituals and traditions are no longer there. Ready for a trip down the memory lane?

Eid Songs

Egyptian Eid

“Ahlan bel Eid”, a holiday song we all loved by Safaa Abu Elsoud. It’s one of the cornerstones of the Egyptian Eid; you hear it on TV, in the streets, everywhere. And who didn’t mistake “Saa’dena biha” with a non-existent fictional character called “Saad Nabiha”? We wonder: why there aren’t Eid songs anymore?


Fire crackers

Remember when we used to run to buy firecrackers right after Eid prayers? Who could forget how we used to hold them hard enough, blowing in our hands to make sure it’s warm enough so it would explode harder when it hits the ground?

Eid’s Pyjamas

Egyptian Eid


This one was a must; we couldn’t welcome Eid without new pjs. We even stood in long queues for the perfect fit.

Eid’s Outfit

Egyptian Eid

Speaking of clothing, we also bought a brand new outfit for the special occasion. Every kid on the block had to be dressed in new clothes from head to toe, and if you were lucky enough, you’d get two outfits! Nowadays, we shop all year long and the joy of a new Eid outfit is no longer there.

Home Decorations

Egyptian Eid

We used to get tons of balloons and decorate the whole house with colourful lights. We even wore party hats to get into the famed Eid mood.


By Yara Tarek