Curly hair is unique, and it requires special care for it to look lively and shiny. So if you’re ready to give up on any damaged hair and start afresh by taking on a transitioning heat-free journey, then these hair gurus should be your go-to during the transitioning phase. Seek the help of one of the following hair studios, where your curls will be in excellent hands!

G Curls Studio

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They start by determining your hair type and porosity, followed by a deep treatment, and then they style your curls to their perfect state.

Tip: You can skip the hair test part by doing a quick test at home to find out your hair porosity, and all you need is a glass of water! Place a strand of hair in the water and see if it floats; this will mean that your hair has low porosity. If it starts to sink slowly, then it has normal porosity. Meanwhile, hair with high porosity will sink immediately.

All of their products are free of any harsh chemicals, and they style your hair without using any heat. Their expertise alone is enough to do wonders for your hair. Depending on what you need from a consultation, treatment, styling, or a cut, they have various prices, starting from 150 LE. G Curls is located in Beverly Hills Compound in Sheikh Zayed, and to book an appointment, call them between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on 01205322226.

The Curly Studio

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Located in New Cairo, The Curly Studio was the first specialised curly hair salon in Egypt, and they were the first to introduce the curl by curl cut. This technique is used to make the hair look unified by cutting the hair while it’s dry, one curl after the other. They were also the first to introduce the deva cut, in which they cut each curl individually at an angle that doesn’t disrupt the curl pattern. In addition, they’re one of the few studios that cut both genders’ hair, which is a plus for all curly heads!

They offer hair treatments, styling and dyeing, trimming and cutting, and highlights using ammonia-free dye. They also provide a free consultation with any of their services.

You can seek their advice on which products are best suitable for your hair type and provide you with the best routine to follow.  To book an appointment, you can call them between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM on 01100848484.

S Hair Studio

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Located in Maadi, S Hair Studio is run by Sarah AbdelRazek, who received her certification from Paris, France. The studio is quite cosy and offers a friendly environment. Their full session package includes consultation, dry cut, deep conditioning treatment, and styling. Book an appointment by calling them on 01033761214.

Curls Defy

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If your hair is damaged and you need some magic worked on it, Curls Defy offers innovative solutions for curly heads, so get ready to embrace your natural hair! Sandey, the owner and young entrepreneur, started by designing hats that are perfect for curly hair, then expanded her business to bless curls across the nation with fresh hairstyles and haircuts.