Image credit: Taryn Elliott

We’re all hating this pandemic, and it’s been profoundly affecting everything that we once found fun, especially for couples. Date night car drives and going to cafes are getting boring and less romantic and exciting. Don’t sweat it; we’ve come to the rescue with four new date night ideas that should spice things up in your love life…

Picnic at Gezira Club

Most of us spent our childhood at Gezira Club, so let’s replay those days and plan a picnic in those open fields with some snacks and games. Music should set the mood for you both. You can even invite another couple and turn it into a double date – double the fun! If you’re not a member, you can purchase a pass for 50 LE on weekdays and 100 on weekends.

Workshops at Darb 1718

Want to get down and dirty! Take your partner and explore your creative side with pottery-making activities, ceramic painting, or whatever takes your fancy at Darb 1718’s diverse array of workshops. You’ll get to let your inner child out and take a piece of it with you home!

Painting at Brushit

Brushit holds painting events once a week in an open-air setting! You don’t even have to be a professional, just grab the brush and start playing with colours on your canvas with your loved one. Maybe paint them as a gift? If you want to let off some steam, you’ll find a dart and balloon kit that seem super exciting.

Yoga at Flexana

Yoga is not only relaxing, but doing as a couple is a chance to reconnect, and it’s also therapeutic for the dynamic. At Flexana yoga they offer mixed classes in an open-air studio, so no need to worry about enclosed spaces!