Thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, social media is being continuously showered with content related to the topic and this topic only, and we check social networks with dread, wondering what the lastest awful news will be. But amidst the depressing vibes, Egyptians of all ages took the time to celebrate their beautiful mothers yesterday. And as the heartwarming photos took over Facebook and Instagram, beating the news, three Mother’s Day campaigns, in particular, stood out. 

Azza Fahmy Jewellery

Azza Fahmy’s jewellery line has stood out throughout the years, every time surprising us even more, spreading nothing but positivity, love, and authenticity. For Mother’s Day this year, Azza Fahmy Jewellery celebrated the occasion by honouring its very own clients and their family bonds. The luxury brand brought generations of the same families together for a heart-melting photoshoot, and the results are amazing.


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“We chose black because my mom and I have always loved the color. She was a young rocker and still is at heart and it kind of grew on me from her fashion style. It’s a color that emcompasses everything, and since we’re both Scorpios it just worked. I’d be more than proud to resemble her in spirit, style and energy. She’s just the greatest Anya...” - @nadaporsche on why the Treasure Necklace in its Black color arrangement, was the perfect choice for her mother! Visit our online store to shop the Treasure Necklace in 3 different color arrangements, and customize a wearable letter to your mama, to be engraved on the back of it! #SANDBOXJewelry #SANDBOX #Jewelry #TreasureNecklace #Treasure #Necklace #MothersDay #Mother

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Another jewellery brand making waves this year is none other Sandbox. The contemporary label is bringing you timeless pieces of jewellery that preserve the meaningful essence of an old school letter. Daughters surprised their mothers with Sandbox’s newly introduced Treasure Necklace, with hidden letters they’ve written just for them. The photoshoots of the families and the "Letters versus Texts" videos, and above all, the collection itself, were incredibly creative. 

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A part of you and a part of her. Our Treasure Necklace combines the sentimentality of the past, with the practicality of the present. Featuring @nadinerasheedd and Souky

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Al Sagheer Salons 

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Hana’s mom challenge was full of fun and laughs! Tag your mom if you think you should try this game with her. #AlSagheerMomChallenge

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This one was the most fun of all, where Egypt’s favourite beauty salon held #AlSagheeerMomChallenge, where families played Who Knows Mama Better! The videos were absolutely hilarious, and after all, what’s a better way to bond than with a game?


Happy Mother’s Day to the brave mamas out there; the ones watching over us from heaven; the new, clueless ones; and the mamas-to-be!