Parents - they're trying their best, right? But sometimes they may go a little overboard. Here are 22 ways your strict parents made you groan.

1. You had to ask permission to go out... in college.


2. And when you did, you’d be bombarded with questions like, ‘who are you going with? Where are you meeting? How are you getting there/home?


3. You also had a curfew.


4. Last-minute spontaneous hang-outs were not an option. (Because it took your parents 2-3 business days to process your request.)4

5. You understand pure panic that channels through your veins when your disorganized friends change the plan every 10 minutes and you have to keep re-explaining to your parents what you’re doing.


6. You learned to ask for things when your parents were in a good mood6

7. You also learned to pit your parents against each other.  (But mom said it’s ok!)


8. Asking permission for a sleepover at your friend’s house took 37 hours of mental preparation and a detailed powerpoint presentation of your friend’s family tree.


9. You rarely got permission for sleepovers.


10. You mastered the puppy-dog look and would sigh and say “never mind… you’re going to say no anyway” to gain their sympathy.


11. You also mastered the art of lying. (Of course there won’t be any boys/drugs/gambling/alcohol. What do you take me for? )


12. You never had ‘The Talk’ with your parents. They expected you to just figure it out on your wedding night because ‘3eib’.


13. You made a mental note of which movies were ‘appropriate’ for family movie night, and which ones might contain kissing *gasp*.


14. You had to put a cap on the swearing at home because even the word ‘shit’ would be met with ‘ana mrabeytaksh 3alla keda!’


15. If they ever heard you swear, they blamed your friends for being a bad influence.


16. So any jokes you told your parents had to be G-rated.


17. Academics were a big deal in your household. (Getting a B+ was shameful.)


18. All your relationships have been top secret missions.


19. You dread the day you will have to bring someone home and the inevitable interrogation and background check they will be submit to.


20. If they called and your phone rang more than three times, or worse—died, you knew you were in for it.


21. The more you matured, the more you understood they were trying to look out for you. (Aside from the times they were being downright unfair.)


22. Nevertheless, you’ve promised yourself you’d be a chill-ass parent if/when it’s your turn. (Because you don’t want to turn your kid into a Special Agent.)


Parents; can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

By Salma Thanatos Rizk