This week has been filled with many proud moments as we watched our Egyptian athletes make international headlines. Sarah Essam is another great young woman to be added to the list, for winning the top scorer Golden Boot in her club, stock city.

Essam won the boot after making history by scoring 12 goals in 12 matches. No wonder people have started calling her the next Mo Salah of the Premier League. “A new achievement in my career and another positive step towards my dreams,” she said.

Sarah, aged 20, was born in Egypt and started playing football when she was only 13. She had a rough start, as her parents didn’t want her to play. In an interview with the BBC, she explained, “My parents were not convinced about the idea of playing football and wanted me to focus on my studies.”

The promising football player refused to give up on her dream and decided to achieve a balance between her studies and football. Then, in 2017, she joined the Staffordshire club Stoke City Ladies from Wadi Degla Club, and that’s when her dreams started to come true.

Being the first Egyptian woman to compete in the English Premier League in 2017 was not her only glorious moment. She scored on her debut, and also won the Potter’s Goal of the Month in January 2018, for her shot from distance against Pelsall Villa. She also participated in 25 international football matches so far, proving to everyone that she belongs on the field.

Sarah Essam

Sarah once told the BBC, “Football means the world to me, my dream was to play in the Premier League”, and here she is now, winning the Golden Boot.

What about you? What have you done to pursue your dreams?


By Yara Tarek