If you’re a student, you’re probably starting classes this week (but really just skipping and catching up on what went down with your friends over the summer). Some of us, on the other hand, can’t afford to skip—literally. When you’re a student, graduating is the pot of gold at the end of a seemingly bleak rainbow. Well, we are here to tell you just how green the grass is on your side: here are 12 reasons why we envy you.

Being able to drop a class you don’t like...

Being able to drop a class you don’t like

Registered for an elective and it's turned out to be boring? Want to take a class with a different professor? It’s all good.  In the real world, you can’t exactly ‘drop’ a task you don’t like at work (unless unemployment and bankruptcy sounds fun).

Medical services on campus...

Medical services on campus

Feeling nauseous? Got a flu? Have a headache? The nurses at the campus clinic are there to take care of that. Get sick at the office, and you’re on your own, kid.

No one will take fine you for being absent...

No one will take money off you for being absent

Time to renew your driver’s license/beta2a/will to live? You might miss an important lecture or a pop quiz, but at least no one is deducting your salary.

Starting your day at 10AM...

Starting your day at 10

Not having to start your day at 8AM is bliss. Enjoy it while you can.

Long Winter/Summer breaks...

Long Winter-Summer breaks

Once you have a full-time job, 1-3 month breaks become a distant memory. You may get a full week off for Eid… if you’re lucky.

Wifi on the bus...

Wifi on the bus

It’s so much better than sitting quietly and awkwardly in the back of a taxi.

Sitting in the back to avoid the professor...

Sitting in the back

Don’t want them to call on you to answer any questions or participate in class discussions? Sit in the back. There is no ‘the back’ at work, and your boss has eyes in the back of their head.

Cheap lunch options on campus...

cheap lunch options on campus
Being able to walk to campus outlets and get food yourself is so taken for granted. Ordering greasy fast-food, waiting 45-80mins for it to arrive, and then paying 60LE-plus for it is no picnic.

Your friends are within the vicinity...

Your friends are within the vicinity

In the mood for chitchat or a good whinge? Your friends are no more than 50 ft. away. Once you all get jobs on opposite sides of the city, hanging out is not so easily done.

Staying after classes to ‘hang’...

Staying after classes to ‘hang’

Maybe there’s an event you want to attend, a play to watch, or anything you want to stick around for. No one wants to stick around after their shift is up - for any reason, ever.

If you make a mistake, it’s ok because you’re still learning...

If you make a mistake, it’s ok because you’re still learning

Worst case scenario: you get a bad grade. Once you have a job, you’re ~responsible~ and mistakes are ‘frowned upon’.

Unlimited pool of potential friends...

Unlimited pool of potential friends

At uni, there are thousands of people to make connections with. In an office, there are maybe 20, and they’re usually nagging you to send that article/file/report.

In conclusion, enjoy it while you can.

By Salama Thanatos Rizk