"If you want to see the modernity of Paris, the magic of Vienna, and the ancientness of Istanbul, visit Cairo" a European historian once said during one of his trips to Egypt.

Art, elegance, tranquillity, and empty streets; that’s the Egypt that we might have not experienced, but we certainly saw it in old photographs. Our grandparents’ stories and history books make us wonder whats it’s like to go back in time and experience the good old days. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of old photographs of our beautiful homeland.

Take a few minutes and marvel at the ancient streets, landmarks, and monuments that stood long enough to tell tales we did not get to live, but are lucky enough to admire.

One of Cairo's cafés - 1880

The picture shows 2 men playing a game while smoking shisha. Coffeeshops are a favourite of Egyptian men as a place to meet their friends, play backgammon, and smoke shisha.

El Darb El Ahmar, Cairo - 1896

El Darb El Ahmar is one of the oldest areas in Cairo. It has 65 Islamic monuments, including El Azhar mosque.

Nazlet El Seman, Giza - 1908

Filling water jars was a daily habit for Egyptian women to use for their day-to-day needs.

Ibrahim El Lakani street, Cairo - 1910

The street was named in honour of Imam Ibrahim El Lakani, an Islamic scholar and imam.

Ramses Station, Cairo - 1920

A shot was taken for street vendors standing in front of Ramses Station. The station is a hotspot for street vendors because of the large numbers of travellers that make potential customers.

Cairo - 1940

Belly dancing is one of the most famous arts in Egypt, and the most popular belly dancers are Egyptians. These include the likes of Samia Gamal and Taheya Karioka.

Mahatet El Raml, Alexandria - 1960

The picture shows Cinema Metro, one of the oldest and the most popular cinemas in Alexandria, located in Mahatet El Raml.

Cairo University - 1970

At the time, skirts were highly fashionable among Egyptian women.

Alexandria’s tram - 1974

Alexandria tram is one of the oldest trams in Africa, which was established in 1862.

Bahr Youssef, El Fayoum - 1983

Bahr Youssef is a canal that connects the Nile with Fayoum.

Groppi, Downtown Cairo - 1996

This old café in Talaat Harb Square in Downtown Cairo was considered the number 1 destination for romantic dates.