Ramadan is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for you and your family to gather around the television with a belly full of food to watch some iconic Ramadan series. Whether you want to stay excited with intense dramas or you want to keep it light with a friendly comedy, this year’s shows have it all. In celebration of our sister site Cairo 360’s 11th anniversary, we’re giving you a list of 11 shows to keep an eye out for this Ramadan.

Nasl El Aghrab

Starring Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, this dramatic series talks about two friends, Assaf al-Gharib and Ghofran al-Gharib, and how one betrays the other. Set in upper Egypt, this series, directed by Mohamed Sami, is about broken trust and seeking revenge.

El Ekhtyar 2

Following its success last Ramadan, El Ekhtyar is back with a second season this year. Staring Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Mekky, this series follows the true story of Ahmed Saber Al Mansi, commander of the 103rd brigade, and his role within the Egyptian Army. Written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi, this series also features stars like Asma Abo Elyazei, Mourad Makram, and Mohamed Gomaa.

Hagma Mortada

Staring Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry, Hagma Mortada is one of Ramadan’s most anticipated series this year. Directed by Ahmed Alaa Aldeeb, this show follows a man who works as a double agent for the Egyptian intelligence, eventually finding files that reveal unknown facts about the 25th of January revolution. From the writings of Baher Dewidar, the show also stars Magda Zaki, Hesham Selim, and Ahmed Fouad Selim.


Set in British occupied Egypt during the 50s and 60s, this series revolves around Moussa, a young man from Upper Egypt who is forced to look after his brothers after his father’s death. The series’ events unfold when Moussa is forced to move to Cairo. Starring Mohamed Ramadan and Somaya El Khashab, Moussa is directed by Mohamed Salama and written by Nasser Abdulrahman.

Ded El Kasr

Nelly Karim’s Ramadan show this year, Ded El Kasr, tells the story of Salma, who has constant problems with her husband’s infidelity. The drama, directed by Ahmed Khaled and written by Amr El Daly, follows the pitfalls of their relationship.

Naguib Zahi Zarkash

Yahya El-Fakharani returns to the screen in this social comedy series that revolves around a lawyer who has to deal with his children’s greed and teach them a lesson about life after his wife’s death. Directed by Shadi El-Fakharani and written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, this show features stars Anoushka, Hala Fakher, Hala Marzouk, and Rana Raeis.

Khali Balak Men Zizi

This series follows Zizi, played by Amina Khalil, who falls in love with her colleague at university, played by Mohamed Mamdouh. When problems begin to arise, Zizi goes to a lawyer for help with her issues. The show, written by Mariam Naoum and directed by Karim El Shenawy, also features stars Bayoumi Fouad, Salwa Mohamed Ali, and Sabry Fawwaz.

Harb Ahleya

Yousra is back in another Ramadan series this year! Written by Ahmed Abdel Sultan and directed by Sameh Abdelaziz, Harb Ahleya follows a mother forced to leave her daughter to be raised by her stepmother and the difficulties that consequently arise. The series also features stars Bassel Khayat, Arwa Gouda, Mahmoud Hegazy, and Jamila Awad.

El Kahera Kabool

Following a chain of terrorist acts, this series tells the story of a terrorist who works with several terrorist organisations and is soon confronted by a police officer regarding a photo released by a popular broadcaster. Starring Tariq Lotfi, Fathi Abdelwahab, and Khaled El-Sawy, this show follows each individual’s life and how they all come together in the end.

Del Ragol

This dramatic series discusses issues inspired by actual problems occurring within Egyptian society. Starring Yasser Galal, Nermine El Feky, and Hala Anwar, the show, written by Ahmed Abdel Fatah and directed by Ahmed Saleh, sheds light on Egypt’s social and cultural issues.

Elle Malloush Kbeer

After her father forces her to marry a wealthy businessman, Ghazal has to stand firm against all the challenges she faces. But things get even more complicated when she falls in love with Seif El Khedewy. Written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin and directed by Moustafa Fekry, this show stars Yasmin Abdel Aziz and Ahmed El-Awadi.