We all have a unique makeup look that complements our style. Some girls like to keep it simple, some have looks that are always on fleek, and some are utterly clueless about makeup! Makeup is a transformative art, and the following artists hold a magical brush for stunning makeovers. 


Here’s to all the brides who will soon tie the knot! 

Sally Rashid

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If you’re the simple bride looking for that naturally flawless look, then Sally Rashid is your go-to! Sally’s signature look is simple yet elegant makeup and uses a natural corrective makeup technique, which adds just the right glam for a naturally stunning look. 

Aya Abdel Hamid 

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Aya Abdel Hamid is a certified MUA from Hollywood and London, and an SFX artist. She works in the media, and you can spot her work in several TV shows and movies as she glammed countless A-listers, including Hend Sabri, Mona Zaki, Yosra Lozi, Shereen Reda, and many more.

She got the skills from her papa, Mohamed Abdel Hamid, who’s also immensely talented and a well-known name in the cinema industry. We also love following her Tuesday tips on Instagram; they are real hacks and life saviour tips!

Dina Ragheb

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Dina Ragheb is one of the big names in the field! Her style is quite distinguishable as her makeup looks fierce and edgy. She works with celebrities, so if you’re looking to feel like a star, you should really consider her for your wedding. 

Zeina El Naggar 

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Zeina El Naggar is also one of the most prominent makeup artists. She left her touch on many beautiful faces, including Mona Zaki, Radwa El Sherbini, and Amina Khalil. If you’re big on makeup and want to go for full coverage, go for Zeina for your big night! 

Abdellah El Refeaii

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Another go-to for a flawless bridal look is Abdallah El Refeaii. His work is out of this world, with each one looking unique and magnificent. His work can be seen on so many beautiful celebrities, including Nelly Karim, Hanady Mehanna, Bushra, Yosra Lozy, and more! 

For Your Special Night

If it’s your engagement and you want to take it up a notch, then the following makeup artists will come to your aid! They’re true talents on the rise and will make you look and feel confident. 

Wasan Azizi

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Wasan is a Syrian makeup artist with an artistic touch like no other. You may have spotted her work several times on the beautiful sisters Menna and Zeina El-Fekahani! Her makeup looks may be transformative, but will still maintain your natural look. 

Menna Yasser 

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Menna Yasser is perfect for those who love the full, heavy makeup looks. Her eye makeup is amazing, and the glow of her clients shine on her Instagram. 

Mona Esmail 

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Another great choice for your engagement is the talented Mona Esmail, with her radiant makeup looks. She gives you full coverage for a look that lasts the entire day! 

For a casual evening look: 

If it’s not your big night that you’re planning for and you just want a simple, affordable look, we have got you covered! 

Nariman Ghareeb 

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Nariman is such a sweetheart and a talented makeup artist, and her looks are simple and radiant. She’s the perfect choice if you’re heading to an engagement or to an outing where you want to stand out.

Shahd Khaled 

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If you want to go for a bold look, then definitely choose Shahd! She uses a colourful palette, which gives her makeup a more intense look. 

Lina Tahtawy 

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We have known Lina for years as a sports presenter and a great influencer, and recently, she joined the world of makeup and is set to conquer it! She has shown real talent in no time, and is already being booked for several events.

Remember, makeup was made only to highlight and intensify your already existing beauty! 

Share with us your favourite makeup looks.