Our generation is probably the unluckiest when it comes to saving. Now you no longer have to worry about being broke halfway through the month or how you’re going to save for your next trip. Keep your salary for the bills and check out the following 10 ways on how to make some extra cash.

Sell your old stuff

The easiest thing you could do. Filter your belongings and get rid of the clutter for some extra money in return. And the more valuable the stuff you no longer need, the more money you make.

Increase interests on savings

Switch your savings account to a high-interest one. Trust us, even 1% more makes a huge difference.


This one goes without saying. If you have any skill, make use of it. This could be writing, proofreading, translation, graphic design, photography, you name it. You can either hunt clients locally or offer your services online on websites like Freelancer or Upwork.

Sell your photos

Speaking of skills, whether you’re a professional photographer or just have some basic skills, you can sell stock photos online. There are plenty of websites where you can sell them, such as Adobe Stock, Twenty20, and Getty Images.

Create an online course

If you have an area of expertise, why not use it to benefit others? You can create an online video course on Udemy and teach people all around the world.

Online tutoring

And since we’ve mentioned teaching, why not tutor students in desperate need for good grades? There are several online tutoring websites where you can get started like Skooli and Tutor.com.

Drive for Uber/Careem

This is completely okay. It’s not shameful to be a part-time chauffeur for good reasons. If you have a decent car and some free time in the evening, why not?


Do you have an extra bedroom or a sofa bed in your living room? List it on Airbnb and charge travellers for the stay. 


Do you travel a lot? Well, you can help another person ship an item and charge them money for it via Hitchhiker.


This is not the best way in the world, but it’s easy money. If you consistently recycle your waste at home, there are multiple recycling companies, like Trash4Cash, that will pay you for it.


Tell us how you make extra money in the comments section!


By Nadine Arab