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Whether you’re intolerant to gluten, trying to stay healthy, or keeping a watchful eye for your calorie count, we have your back with our guide for gluten-free grocery shopping around Cairo. Despite gluten-free products being hard to find, some markets sell pretty tasty products that can provide you with a full range of options.

    1. Gourmet

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Their wide range of snacks is essential for your basket. They have everything you need, including biscuits, waffles, granola, cookies, and cupcakes. Additionally, Gourmet’s gluten-free pasta comes in a variety of different shapes. However, one of the most important perks that Gourmet has is that its branches are easily spotted in many areas in Cairo.

Check out their gluten-free products on their website.

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  1. Oscar Grand Stores

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Oscar Grand Stores are well-known for having things that no other market has. This is also why we’re including it on our list for gluten-free products. You’ll find everything you’ll need, especially if what you need is a variety of pasta and flour. Its newest store has been open for a while now in Maadi, in addition to its branch in New Cairo and its oldest branch in Heliopolis.

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  1. Seoudi Supermarket

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Its green logo is all that you can picture whenever you hear its name. Seoudi Market can help you out, whether you’re spending a cosy movie night with their tasty gluten-free waffles at home or saving them for a lovely breakfast.

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  1. Royal House

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As Heliopolis residents know, Royal House is your place to go for gluten-free groceries! If you’re into baking, this shop has a variety of gluten-free flour bags. This way, you can bake bread or cakes yourself!

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  1. Fresh Food Market

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Located in New Cairo’s Point90 and several other locations, Fresh Food Market abides by its slogan: “the destination for everything fresh”.  It mainly sells gluten-free oats, pasta, and cookies. However, if you want to look up its products, go through its website.  

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