Summer is basically a party season, but if you’d like a change and you want to do something different without breaking your bank, a house party seems like a good idea. Cosy, super fun, you get to be your own DJ, and most importantly, budget-friendly.

Other than the music, one’s got to keep those hungry stomachs full. After all, it ain’t no party without…? No, not the booze, we’re pointing at the snack bar here. If you’ve got no mad cooking skills, no worries, here are some easy ideas you for snacks to serve at your bangin’ house party.

Chips and Dips


A party favourite is anything with a dip. Be it salted chips, tortilla chips, or even better, both. Just make sure to have a variety of dips; you can serve with salsa, American cheese, guacamole, or sour cream.



Piece of cake much? Everybody loves pretzels after all.


Pizza Hut National Pizza Party Day

That’s a super easy and popular option as well. You can either order a few family-sized pizzas from your favourite pizza place, or pass by the nearest local bakery and grab a box of mini pizzas.



It’s an Arab’s favourite appetiser. You don’t have to make them at home, you can buy frozen sambosas at the supermarket and just deep fry them.

Veggie Platter


Carrots, cucumbers, or even broccoli; serve a selection of veggies of your preference.



Salty, and they come in different flavours and seasonings, what else could you ask for?

Nutella and sides

Nutella Fruit Dip

Who needs a chocolate fountain when you can make your own fondue by melting a pot of Nutella? Bake some mini brownies, and add some marshmallows, bananas, and apples on the side. Enjoy this chocolate heaven.



Your favourite fruits and double the amount of 7UP, and voila!