Images via Kitchen Keys

Even though the gatherings element has been removed from Ramadan this year thanks to social distancing, sitting down for iftar was not cancelled. Whether you live with your big family or totally on your own, you deserve a hearty meal to treat yourself with at sunset. But when you’re forced to come up with an idea on what’ll you’ll be cooking every single day, the pressure builds. That’s when you start recipe hunting online. But look no further, because all the delicious recipes you could ever need are all in one place.

We recently came across Sara El Refaie’s food blog, Kitchen Keys, and we instantly fell in love. Be it the creativity, the variety, the presentation, or the ingredients; it was all on point. And her feed this month is screaming nothing but RAMADAN!

Sara didn’t just post pictures of her mouthwatering dishes and plug in the recipe, but instead, she filmed them and posted them as story highlights. And with the introduction of IGTV, everything became much easier and more accessible. You can head to Kitchen Keys Instagram now and scour for your ultimate dishes, or you can check out our favourite picks. 

We’d recommend the Indian veggie samosa, the beef stew with pickled lemon and prunes, the one-pot Basmati rice with beef cubes, the maamar rice with pigeons, the roasted drumsticks, and the sharkaseya. Another dish that’s on every iftar table is escalope, and we’d also recommend Sara’s easy recipe. As for Ramadan delicacies, you might want to check out these savoury katayefs and this konafa with ricotta and cream cheese. Also, this sugar syrup recipe will come in handy!

Bon appetit in advance!