While it may have died down a little this year, the gourmet burger craze is still alive and well in Cairo. Restaurants like Mince and Butcher's Burger are amongst the most popular eateries in the city thanks to their creative, high-end(ish) takes on the classic bun-burger-bun combo; but one restaurant in Heliopolis has stepped up to the plate with what is likely to be the most expensive burger in all of Egypt.

Priced at an eye-watering 1,495LE, Food Gun's Bazoka Burger has caused quite the stir on social media. But what is this expensive monstrosity of meat? Well, most of the 1,495LE probably accounts for the 250gm of wagyu beef. Also on the burger is two slices of reportedly high quality Swiss cheese, 50gm of what Food Gun calls 'black mushroom' - probably shitake mushrooms - a small steak slice and veggies, all wrapped up in a brioche bread bun.