While some people simply can’t understand the love others have for Sushi, we sure can! How can we not day dream about the taste of salmon, and the saltiness of tuna, especially when these ingredients are wrapped to perfection in seaweed and rice, like a gift of thoughtful and immaculate preparation?  If you are a die-hard sushi fan, and have an acquired taste for everything that is good about it, we’ve just found out that Fuego Sushi Restaurant is offering its guests a 40 piece Sushi Special – appropriately called Fueg40 - for only 325LE!


If you are thinking that this offer is too good to be true, and you are already looking for its loopholes, well you won’t find any. Indeed, your 40 piece sushi selection is not in any way pre-determined by Fuego Sushi Restaurant; you get to choose your 40 pieces from Fuego’s original sushi menu, with all its 80 item glory! Even better than all this, is the fact that the offer is not tied to specific hours of the day: the offer runs through all the hours of the days, and all the days of the week (including weekends).


Now, while you may be thinking that all this is great, like a true Egyptian, you are probably already calculating the time lost in traffic, as you head to Fuego.  Well, fear not! With Fuego’s branches located all over Cairo and Giza, you will surely find one in close proximity to you. And, for those of you who are just too exhausted to dine out after a long day at the office, well, Fuego has you covered; Fuego does not just let you grab your order to-go, Fuego also delivers to Maadi, Sheikh Zayed, and Zamalek. These guys really do have everything covered!


Hurry up, and find out more about this limited time offer, by visiting Fuego’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.