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Ever noticed the people around you switching their full cream coffee with skimmed milk instead? Or, better yet, ever noticed the salad-obsessed fanatics surrounding you? Are you even one of them? If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

Over the years, the trend in Cairo has moved away from the common oil-cooked, sugar-filled, types of food, and has evolved to develop an obsession with fresh, healthy, low-calorie alternatives. Cairo has been a great support in providing its healthy food seekers in finding precisely what they need to eat clean. The question isn’t whether or not Cairo has been of help in that aspect, the question is how, and to what extent, has Cairo helped its crowd in eating clean? How has it helped them feed this obsession with perfectly cooked healthy food? 

It started as a means to be healthy, and now it is a lifestyle, more so, a religion and a way of life. Starting with LettuceEat, where you can order fresh salads delivered to your doorstep. It also adds the option of selecting exactly what is added to that salad, an option that exemplifies how Cairo has gone the extra mile to meet the demands of its healthy eaters. 

Not only that, but there are supermarkets like Gourmet and Go Market, as well as shops like Imtenan, where there are many healthy options that are not offered elsewhere. Also, let’s not forget Lychee and Lyfe, with their sugar-free smoothies and breakfast options, which are extremely good for you and play hand in hand with the idea of staying clean. 

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However, let us get straight to business. It is not just about the supermarkets or restaurants; it’s about Cairo’s inner dynamic that enables this obsession to occur. Cairo has dozens of nutritionists who have studied for years to know exactly what they’re doing. Not only does Cairo provides you with the instrument, but it also teaches you how to play it.

People in Cairo aren’t like other people in other cities. Word gets around quickly; one person eats clean, nine others are suddenly doing the same; it becomes a trend. There is also an extensive support system, and that’s how one choice evolves into an obsession. Sure, Cairo provides a lot of ways to allow its crowd to eat healthily, but at the core, it is the nature of its people that fuels this attachment to clean eating, and for that reason, Cairo is able to offer its people exactly what it needs.