We’re guilty of all love food, we just love it. We love to spoil our taste buds every once in a while. But what we love the most is an excuse to squeeze in a snack or two in between the three main meals. And this is why, ladies and gents, we admire brunch. It’s just underrated.

Other than the mouthwatering food, a decent brunch’s best trait is an outdoorsy warm atmosphere. This is why we headed to everyone’s favourite (and green) Cairene district, Maadi. Here are 9 spots  in Maadi you need to pay a visit for a scrumptious brunch.



Their warm, cozy interiors and tasty food will make just the perfect bubble. Be careful, you might not want to leave! We highly recommend their pancakes!



This concept restaurant is Maadi’s new favourite spot. Homemade servings handcrafted from local produce, we’d give that five stars with no hesitation!



This place is just full of guilty pleasure food. The desserts, and the exquisite snacks, it’s all so yummy! What do we recommend? Go for their Shrimp Roll for sure!

Ralph’s German Bakery


All the way from Dahab to Maadi, this place brings make some good memories, and better food. Up for some freshly baked croissants that are hot and mushy? Ralph’s are the best.

Frank & Co.


Fancy brunch and atmosphere served on a silver platter much? The whole setting is just everything, it screams BRUNCH!



We honestly don’t mind some perfecto tacos for brunch! What could you want more in life?

Tutti Matti


Want to travel to Italy and have some pizza or pasta? Then you have to visit Tutti Matti. The place has a cool atmosphere and a relaxing vibe.



Up for some typical Egyptian dishes for brunch? Then, Road 9’s Kazouza’s your go-to for sure!



A lot may be serving crepes but only a few know how to ace it and Na’na’a is definitely one of them. The place also has lots of other options that will leave you drooling over the menu.


By Yara Tarek