When you compare Egyptian cuisine to its Mexican counterpart, there's not really much that they share in common, or much that you can fuse together - or that's what we thought.

You see, Cairo's favourite Mexican restaurant, Gringo's, might just have cracked it with what is looking like one of the most creative twists on Ramadan food yet.

With the help of food blogger and reviewer, RamySoli, the kitchen has brought the best of Ramadan's many gastronomic traditions and used it in  some classic Mexican dishes. How, you ask? Well, feast your eyes on this:

gringos sohour 2

-White cheese with pico de gallo (instead of the classic gebna bel tamatem)
-Falafel tacos with pico de gallo and spicy tahini (YUM)


-Foul with chili con carne (because la7ma mafrooma and tomato is so last Ramadan)
-Fool with fajita veggies (not just normal veggies, guys - FAJITA VEGGIES)
-Fool with pickled onions, pico de gallo and taco spice mix (bring chewing gum)
-Eggs with chorizo (much better and less smellier than basterma)

gringos sohour 3
-Sohour burrito with fried potato balls and beans (you could put anything in a burrito an it'd still be delicious)

gringos sohour 1
-Churros as with a black honey and tahini dip (possibly our favourite of the bunch)

 For more on this unholy union of Mexico and Ramadan, check out Gringo's on Facebook.

By Kalam El Qahaira