Do you happen to be living alone and waste your weekends on prepping meals for the week? It can be an annoying hassle on normal days, but in Ramadan, it’s just unbearable. Going back home after work, surviving the flaming hot weather while trying to beat traffic, only to end up in the kitchen? What happened to the good old days when we had our pre-iftar naps at our parents’ house? Well, that’s history now, one’s got to face adulthood.

However, we have to cut ourselves some slack every once in a while. Lucky for us, some supermarkets offer pre-cooked meals and marinated dishes ready for the oven.



As you buy your weekly groceries, you can get yourself some marinated drumsticks or meatballs ready for cooking. Not only that, Metro also has a kitchen where you can get handcrafted meals, from salads and sandwiches to filling dishes. We highly recommend their chicken liver; it’s super mouthwatering! 



Gourmet doesn’t just offer premium quality groceries, but you can find a wide array of culinary creations there. They even took their game to molokhia and fattah level!

Fresh Food Market


What are you craving? Steak, sushi, or Italian cuisine? It’s all there! They even have sweet delicacies.

Go Market


From hot meals to healthy, colourful salads from The Lean Kitchen that dominate Go Market’s shelves, this place is your go-to.

Fit Food


For those leading a healthy lifestyle, Fit Food is a great option. You can order your meal online, and guess what? There are keto and vegan plans, and much more.


By Nadine Arab