There are few hotels and Cairo that boast quite as much varied, quality dining and nightlife options as Fairmont Nile City. Sitting pretty on the Corniche – and boasting a stunning view of the Nile and Cairo – the hotel has long been a veritable playground for dining, nightlife, luxury and just plain good times.

One of FNC’s most distinct and popular venues has been the Oriental-themed Bab El Nil, thanks to its kitschy Arabian theme and unique set-up. We usually abide by the rule, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but the restaurant-come-lounge received a makeover of epic proportions.

While it still retains much of its best features, as well as its atmosphere, the aesthetic of Bab El Nil has been given a modern touch, without losing its unique character. Using more colour, authentic Arabesque décor and subtle, quirky touches, the revamp has adjusted the indoor setting to be even more inviting, while catering to groups of all sizes. In addition, Bab El Nil’s outdoor area has been overhaul while taking full advantage of its grand views.

Bab el nile 3 . .

The new Bab El Nil has arrived at perfect timing as we approach the always lively month of Ramadan; over the last few years, there have been few top-notch fetar and sohour favourites as Bab El Nil, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this will be the case this year. With by design or by coincidence, Bab El Nil seems almost tailor-made for the kind of late-night hangouts that become a staple of dining and socializing during Ramadan and it ticks all of the boxes. Excellent sisha? check. Breathtaking evening views? Check. The finest Oriental foods in Cairo? Ramadan mosalsals on 138-inch HD TV? Seating arrangements with private screens? Check – and the list goes on. Fasting doesn’t seem so daunting, now, does it?

bab el nile 4

Bab El Nil is open daily between 11AM and 2AM. For more information and reservations, call 02-2461- 9494, or check out the official Bab El Nil Facebook page.