Eid has finally arrived, and that means vacation, new clothes, and of course, fattah! We do love our Egyptian Fattah, but why not spice things up a bit instead of having the traditional Eid meal as it is? Here are different and delicious ways to cook Eid’s fattah!

Syrian Chicken Fattah

Syrian food has always been widely loved here in Egypt. This one will definitely add to your Eid, check out the recipe here.

Chicken & Beef Fattah

For those who can’t decide which way to go, why not get the best of both worlds?

This fattah has it all in one plate, and we’re drooling already. Check out the full recipe here.

Syrian Makdous Fattah

Aubergine fans, you can add your favourite ingredient to the fattah dish, and maybe some nuts as well! Check out the recipe here.

Hummus & Meat Fattah

Again, Eid means meat, but what about some hummus to add joy to the meal?

This one should definitely be on the top of your list. Check the full recipe here.

Lebanese Fattah

All the way from Lebanon, this is one of the most famed fattahs in all Arab world. The secret ingredient here would be the sauce; it’s like a party in your mouth. You definitely have to try this! Check the recipe here.

Kaware’ Fattah

We, Egyptians, do love our kaware’. So, we just had to add it to the list. Check out the recipe here.