A few weekends left in Ramadan and you can’t possibly miss out on all that Cairo’s tents have lined up for you. Three fun days are waiting, and we’ve got your entertainment under control.

Starting off with Thursday where Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s Bab Al Qasr is bringing a beautiful vocalist with sha3by roots, the amazing Mohamed Adawya. While Eat and Barrel’s Hakawy El Nile is welcoming everyone’s sweetheart, Mahmoud El Esseily and his remarkable songs. Another band of your favourites will take control of 3altawla: Massar Egbari.

Elsewhere, a double dose of entertainment is taking place at El Hara with Hossam Hosny and Hamdy Batchan. And as always, The Tap East’s El 7anafeya tent takes a different road and will be entertaining you with the amazing Nour Project.

Friday is off; you got all the rest you need, now let’s focus on what you’re going to do after Iftar. If you are in the mood for some sha3by, then head to 3altawla as Oka and Ortiga will surely fire it up. And if you’re in the mood for nostalgic tunes, then Medhat Saleh at El Hara is definitely the right man for the job. But, if you’re in the mood for some fun, then a great vibe at Lanterns and greater performance by Mahmoud El Esseily will be enough (in case you missed his performance on Thursday). If all of this isn’t what you’re looking for, then head to The Tap East, as El 7anafya is bringing The Walkman Show for some reggae & oriental fusions!

Not much is happening at Cairo’s Ramadan tents this Saturday, but you can still enjoy your time at some cultural centres and performance venues. Belqeis will take over Room Art Space with her unique voice. If, however, you need to laugh your head off, then you truly need to head to Darb 1718 and enjoy the best of Al Hezb El Comedy Open Mic night. 

By Sara Mosharef