It has already been more than 15 days of Ramadan, and luxurious and expensive tents are all we hear about.  We apparently are missing a lot of fun. Sometimes you can just pick something different and enjoy it your own way. That’s why we’re bringing some of the simplest, yet fun sohour experiences that you can enjoy before it’s too late. Here’s a list of some cafes and Fool cars that serve up the best Ramadan vibes!


1) Fatouta

This is a great example of creativity and uniqueness! Located in Nabil El Wakkad, Fatouta is owned by some young guys who decided to add some life to this deathly-quiet street (there is literally a graveyard nearby). Their Sohour menu is amazing, but you’ll always find yourself waiting for a table because it’s always so damn crowded. 


2) Btatsaya


Even though a couple of days ago its owner announced that Btatsaya was wrecked (we don’t know how), what matters is that it’s back again with its beautiful vibes and great food.  Btatsaya is a simple fool car with some chairs, Ramadan decorations, and delicious food. It is located in Nasr City and everyone just loves it! Since last year, Btatsaya has been everyone’s favourite and it’s going to be yours too. It’s known for its Roz Be Laban dessert and its gooey eggs, so don’t hesitate to try both.


3) Taghmisa

Of course this one doesn’t need an introduction. Taghmisa has been well known for a while, and has been the choice of celebrities and bloggers! It is located in New Cairo at Emerald Twin Plaza, and it’s got the best Ramadan vibes.


4) Fel-Flucca

Nile lovers, this one is for you! Of course we all now know Fel Felucca, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from putting it on the list. It is simply the most relaxing Sohour experience. All you have to do is take your loved ones, all of them, and just head there to enjoy the food, the view, and the incomparably beautiful atmosphere.


5) B Yard


B Yard is a cafe that has its own distinct atmosphere throughout the whole year. Nevertheless, it gets a lot better in Ramadan. B Yard is located in New Cairo and is super busy most of the day. So ditch all the other fancy cafes, and head to B Yard for an amazing sohour. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a performance there as well.


6) Qedrt Zayed

Just because Sheikh Zayed residents are far away, doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy some of the fun. No, we won’t let that happen; Qedrt Zayed is here to save the day/Ramadan. It is located in Sheikh Zayed city between Americana Plaza and Arkan. Even though Qedrt Zayed is still new, the reviews on it are amazing. Could it be because of its ridiculous food portions, or because of the people’s hospitality and friendliness? Just head there and figure it out for yourself.


7) 3esh w Gebna

The menu is cheesy af. This will confuse you, but we don’t mean in it in a bad way. 3esh w Gebna is the sacred heaven of cheese, where everything is made out of/with cheese. Plus, like many of the previously mentioned places, 3esh w Gebna serves all the oriental food that you might be longing for. It is on street 90, New Cairo.

By Sara Mosharef