For many of us, the summer months bring out the desire to go outside and enjoy activities that have been dormant all winter long. And for most of us, summer means Sahel, and fun is never complete without a great meal. So, if you are looking for memorable culinary experiences by the North Coast beaches, search no further! From sushi spots and beach bars to fine dining restaurants and food trucks, here are five must-try options to indulge in this summer.

  1. Fuego

Fuego, a long-time popular sushi spot, is well-known for its unique Asian dishes and fantastic sushi selection. Fuego also happens to have a branch in Diplo 3, occupying a great location in the compound’s Clubhouse. So, if you’re in the mood for a casual sushi fix in Sahel, you know where to go.

  1. Buns and Dawgs

Hot dogs, beef burgers, chicken burgers, Loaded fries, and much more are all part of this joint’s menu. Buns and Dawgs is the perfect casual place to get a quick carb-loaded meal. They have one branch open in Sahel’s Diplo 3, so pass by for a quick meal, and don’t forget to check out their vegan and dessert options. 

  1. LongHorn Texas BBQ

The Texan-Style Bbq joint that took Cairo by storm is going to Sahel this summer! Slow-cooked prime beef, brisket, homemade sausages, and many more meat delicacies await in Diplo 3. So if you’re looking for a meat feast by the sea this month, you know where to go. Call their Diplo number for more information 01065524466

  1. 3al 7atab

Maadi’s wood-brick oven pizzeria is already back in Sahel. 3al 7atab has been rocking the pizza scene in IOS Village for a couple of years now. Their menu is full of Italian goodies, great for a “pizza and wine” date night or a casual late lunch with friends. Check out 3al 7atab’s cosy nook in IOS Village, KM126, Diplo 3 new entrance. You can call 01008511115 or 01008611116 for more information.

  1. BRGR

The ultimate go-to burger truck is a must-visit this summer. The gastro nomads are serving up their signature sliders all over Sahel, and we are all for it. BRGR has branches in Hacienda, Telal, Seashell, and Diplo 3 – so you never have to feel hungry by the beach again. Their Telal and Diplo branches are the only ones currently operating, so buckle up for a flavourful beach ride. Call their hotline 15646 for more details.