Losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is never easy, and once we decide to take a step down that road, the first thing that comes to mind is the hassle of meal prepping. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five Facebook pages that have come to the rescue with delicious, yet healthy, meal packages.

#1 Fit Food

Fit Food offers delicious healthy food packages for those who follow a healthy lifestyle. There are even options for vegans and those who follow the keto diet.

The packages can be for 14 days, 28 days, bi-yearly, or yearly.

Check the whole menu on Fit Food’s Facebook page.

#2 Diet to Door Egypt

Suitable for all nutrition plans, Diet to Door is a healthy food delivery service that offers eight different special programs, boasting more than 500 meals that suit all diet types.

Check the whole menu on Diet to Door’s Facebook page.

#3 More 2 Go

More 2 Go offers a wide variety of healthy meals to help you lose weight or to maintain your healthy lifestyle. They also have certified nutritionists on board who can help you plan your diet.

Check the whole menu on More 2 Go’s Facebook page.

#4 Ash Eat

If you’re looking for calculated calorie meals at affordable prices, then Ash Eat would be the perfect choice as it offers a wide variety of healthy meals. Ash Eat is also known for its large portions.

Check the whole menu on Ash Eat’s Facebook page.

#5 Protein Box

Who said that you can’t enjoy a guilt-free delicious meal? Protein Box offers fresh, healthy, and mouth-watering meals that eliminate stress and guilt.

Check the whole menu on Protein Box’s Facebook page.