With summertime welcoming us with arms wide open, parties will be lining up for the night owls’ attention. And because we’re used to being at the forefront of the nightlife scene, we had to acknowledge that Chivas is upping its spirits game. With Chivas XV now introduced, it’s safe to say hello to high-energy celebrations! 

Bringing together tradition and innovation in one bottle, Chivas XV is a 15-year-old blend that changes whisky as we know it. Finished in casks previously used for Grande Champagne Cognac, this premium spirit is most enjoyable at all upbeat settings.


We’d have to say, this adventurous new blend allows scotch lovers to enjoy the taste in a new way; from shots to cocktails, Chivas XV is obviously here to make a statement. 

At any time, you are ready to unleash your Gold, make sure you have your Chivas XV bottle with you.