Are you ready to party all weekend? Please say you are because we’ve got the best parties happening this weekend around Cairo’s bars and clubs.


Starting off with Thursday, the music is tripled at Cairo Jazz Club 610 with DJs Arrab, Misty, and Ashmawy, and at The Garden Nile Front’s Nile Vibes party with DJs Amr Essa, Zio, and Fuzzy. While at Cairo Jazz Club, the unique Jordanian band Autostrad are the highlights of the night. And, if you are on the lookout for some oriental vibes, 24K Restaurant and Bar are bringing belly dancer Alla Kushnir for their Fantasia Night

Friday starts with a brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610, where Malak Salama will charm you with her voice. And at night, don’t go anywhere, stay there and wait for the master Ramy DJunkie for this week’s Spinning Friday at CJC 610.

Elsewhere, at OPIA, the famous Tabla Night is happening again. While The Garden Nile Front is welcoming DJ Goblin for their usual R&B Night, and at The Tap West, Feedo and Screwdriver are taking over.

If you’re craving the oriental sha3by vibes, you have a couple of options. You can either head to Gu Lounge where Mahmoud El Leithy is firing up the night with the belly dancers, or you can go to Rawi where everyone’s favourite dancer Johara will be shaking her hips.

End your weekend on Saturday with a brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610 over the beats of AWE and Hassan Abou Alam. And then you can dance along to Saad El Soghyar’s tunes at Gu Lounge, or enjoy Sewwes at The Tap Maadi’s Funktion of Funk party.


These are only a few of the events taking place across the capital this weekend– check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

By Sara Mosharef