New year and Christmas are over and long gone, which means it’s time to summon your inner party animal and set the tone for this year by partying all night long! Here are the awesome parties happening in our great capital this weekend.

Starting with Thursday, you can hit the dance floor with the sha3aby singer Hassan El Kholaky, violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, and Gu Lounge’s belly dancer at their awesome WKND Party. Elsewhere, DJs Ziger, Zio, Junior, and Dozze are going to throw a wild party at The Garden Nile Front.

Don’t miss CJC’s Thursday Night Live featuring The Cadillacs and MESKA’s wild live performances. And since we’re speaking of wild parties, make sure you don’t miss the master spinner DJ Soul M at The Tap Maadi. Belly dancer Nesma will be shaking her body at Rawi this Thursday!

Over on the east side, DJ Lyon Avakian will get everyone grooving at The Tap East this Thursday. While on the west side, it’s Cairo Jazz Club 610’s awesome electric night, and they’re bringing the A-Squared boys and Gawdat. The folks at The Tap West will be grooving with funky tunes featuring ABD and Disco Misr. Don’t miss 24K’s Winter Sessions I where Jonas Salbaach, Sebzz, A.Salah & Ashmawy will get your grooving all night long!

As for Friday, since it’s still the weekend, Gu Lounge’s WKND Party continues with Hamza El Soghier, violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, and their awesome belly dancer! Meanwhile DJs Hassan El Far and Omar Sherif are going to be pumping CJC’s crowd with some of their best beats all night long.

Kick off your Friday at CJC 610’s Friday brunch with Omar Emara. At night the grooviest R&B and hip-hop tunes will ramp up the atmosphere of CJC 610 with the master Feedo’s Block Party. And, The Tap West is having a wild night with Crash Boom Bang and A.K.

On the other side of town, DJs Medoz and Goblin are running the decks at The Garden Nile Front and will be spreading awesome hip-hop and R&B beats. 24K is having a wild Friday night with Mostafa Haggag and belly dancer Linda.  

DJ Kamal will be at The Tap East with his awesome deep house mixes. Mad Dogs will take over the stage and fill The Tap Maadi’s atmosphere with some chill rock and blues tunes.

Saturdays, as always, are way better when you start it with your favourite Saturday brunch and chill at CJC 610 featuring Los Comoadres and Hassan Abou Alam. Since we’re talking west side, it’s going to get hot at The Tap West with DJ Teddy taking over.

Don’t miss 24K’s Magnetic Saturday with Sam Salah and Soul M who will get you grooving over the freshest hip-hop and R&B tunes.

El Dor El Awal are performing at CJC this Saturday, make sure you don’t miss it! Meanwhile, up on The Tap East’s decks, playing your favourite pop hits, will be the awesome DJ Kashouty. And finally, get ready for some epic vinyl spinning by TATA at The Tap Maadi.

By Dina Khafagy