When we look back at 2017, we not only remember so much of the year that has come to pass; we also remember our New Year’s resolutions. To say the least, some of us dream of a better job, while others dream of a healthy relationship, or just just dream of bigger and better parties. In order to set pace for such ambitions, #AbsolutEgypt decided to salute 2018 with some remarkable #AbsolutNights. Here’s a throwback to one triumphant 2017, which ended with a line-up of parties that sparked the fire of passion for life in so many ways!

#Absolut Warms it Up!


To warm us up, #AbsolutVodka gave us a shot of Arabian bliss, fiery shows, and acrobatic performances at the “Maydan” party, in Sahl Hashesh. we got to see the internationally renowned DJs Nic FancuilliNick Jojo and Abou Samra take to the decks and hypnotise everyone with their eclectic tunes and energetic beats! The party animals were dressed in accordance with the Arabian theme, and makeup artists were helping guests with the extra touch of face and body paint to complete the look. #AbsolutNights are always spectacular!


Sail & Dance all the Way!

night sail-1

The last day before New Year @AbsolutElyx was in Gouna heating it up with the "Night Sail" party. The guests set sail in a custom built ship-shaped venuethat saw London based DJ, Mad Hands take to the decks (pun intended). However, nothing could possibly cool down the crowd after Amie Sultan, the belly dancer, conquered the stage with her loose hips!


Hours of Bliss before Turning 2018

Just Wonder-7

At “Just Wonder," everyone witnessed #AbsolutElyx NYE collaboration with Egypt’s hidden gem, Sahl Hashesh. Performers were delivering a spectacle of happy hours to their― boiling with excitement ― audience. If you have been there, you surely remember how DJ RamyDJunkie shuffled through his sets, and how Disco Misr went wild on stage, alongside the Ibiza-based, international entertainers and the powerful vocalist!


A Night to Remember


El Gouna was home to the “Masquerade” NYE party, where everyone was eagerly awaiting the countdown with #AbsolutEgypt! @DJ Hadi warmed up the dance floor, and then Nicole Saba took to the stage, alongside ABU’s fresh music! Oka & Ortiga then lit up the stage with their upbeat sha’by tunes! Since NYE comes by only once a year and #AbsolutEgypt is always present in order to assure amazing #absolutnights; these guys added London based belly dancer, Vanessa, to the already amazing line up of performers. Not to mention, the Ibiza-based ensemble of acrobatic dancers, fire dances, and the Micheal Jackson impersonator that run through the entirety of the evening.