With New Year behind us, it is time to recover and go back to our normal life… Or is it?

The team at Gianaclis has been thinking about you and those long winter evenings, trying to gather for some warmth, and came up with a way to keep you entertained and have a bit of fun.

We guess that by now you have had encounters with Gianaclis glassware, which can be spotted all over town, and probably enjoyed using them.

Well, here is what they propose, if and when you spot one Gianaclis branded glass, take a photo, post it to Instagram while tagging Gianaclis (@gianaclisegypt) and using the hashtags #SpotGianaclis, and #GianaclisVineyards to be in the running for a spectacular prize.

A simple photo will do to enter the competition, but come on… Who wants to do simple pictures? Prop it, filter it, bedazzle it! 

So channel your inner photographer and get going. You can find out more on Gianaclis' Instagram and Facebook accounts.