With Sahel Season done and dusted, Cairo Jazz Club is hitting the ground running for the fall with a huge month of music. So, shake-off your summer hangover and dive into what is a veritable buffet of music, featuring the best in local and regional talent. Yum. Dig in.


(Photo: Dario-Cincilla/Facebook)

It's been a while since the experimental electronic sounds of Ahmed Saleh and the spiritual Sufi vocals of Abullah Miniawy have come together in holy union on the CJC stage. But now, back in Cairo after a tour that saw him perform in Paris, Berlin and Madrid, the two take to the stage for the first post-Eid holiday gig.


(Photo: Looperia Project/Facebook)

Looperia are by no means newbies or unknowns. They've been doing there 'thing' for almost five years - which makes it all the more peculiar that this will be the group's debut at Cairo Jazz Club. Said 'thing' is a unique mesh of of sounds that is influenced by the Gnawa music of Morocco and Sufi music - it's all  peace-loving, stress-melting celebration of Africa. 

THE WANTON BISHOPS (Thursday 14th)

(Photo: The Wanton Bishops/Facebook)

Guitar, harmonica, keyboards, banjo and, of course, vocals - and all by just two guys. Nader Mansour and Eddy Ghossein, aka The Wanton Bishops, are a two man musical army and they're on the march towards a rare Cairo gig this month at Cairo Jazz Club for what is one of the highlights of a busy month. Having originally landed on the map as a viral sensation, the rocking twosome are very much the real deal (they once opened for Lana Del Ray - so this is one not to miss.


machine eat man
(Photo: Machine Eat Man/Facebook)

Having launched before the summer in April, Cairo Jazz Club and Mada Masr's unique collaboration is back. Here's the short of it: the folks at Mada Masr handover a piece text to the guys at CJC, who then choose a musician or band to interpret said text musically. It all sounds a little intellectualist (and it is) but it makes for a unique and unexpected night of music that pushes the chosen musicians to get creative. This time round, Mohamed Ragab, aka Machine Eat Man, is in the hot seat and he's bringing some rather esteemed friends along for the ride.


george aboutara
(Photo: The Cadillacs/Facebook)

The spirit of a musical legend will be alive and kicking on what is shaping up to be a huge night of live music, with the likes of HanyMust, George Aboutar and Shady Ahmed leading a night dedicated to Jim Morrison. With a collection of some of Cairo's top musicians behind them, think of this as an organised-jam of sorts - although we use the word 'orgnaised' loosely, because it can get pretty wild.

CAIRO JAZZ FESTIVAL BEYOND STAGE (Thursday 28th-Sunday 1st October)

Beyond stage bannera

Last, but by no means least, the cherry on top of the cake that is September is the return of Cairo Jazz Festival's exclusive Beyond Stage nights at CJC. Adding a unique element to the festival, CJC will be welcoming a host of different acts over four days, with Cairo's The Meteors Project and Aguizi & Fahim, as well as Andras Des Trio from Hungary and Natnakisum from Germany, among the performers.

This is just a snapshot of some of the events taking place at Cairo Jazz Club this month, the other performers including Massar Egabri, Cairo Big Band Society, Ramy DJunkie, Aly B, Misty, Feedo, Michelle Rounds, SHIHA - well, the list goes on an on. Stay up-to-date on the Cairo Jazz Club Facebook page.

By Kalam El Qahaira

Header image: Cliff Makhoul/The Wanton Bishops Facebook Page