Regardless of what you may think of the food, Peking has become an institution, somewhat, of Asian dining in Cairo, with eight branches across the city  in the likes of Zamalek, Maadi, and Heliopolis, as well as further out in Sheikh Zayed and Rehab City.

Not content with becoming the go-to for late-night binge eating, Peking is set to move into the minefield that is Cairo nightlife with the opening of Peking Lodge on December 9th - where the restaurant once was in Zamalek.

Promising to be the premier high-energy (Asian-)themed bar on the island, the new joint will be competing with Tabla's own take on Asian-themed nightlife, Gu Bar, which is also set to open in December aboard the Nile Maxim Boat.

The bar will still be serving the same food that so many have come to depend on when comfort eating is the only thing between you and a swan dive off an eighth floor balcony, and the launch night will see Ray Al Ramahi and his band of merry mixologists - of Ray's Cocktails - provide alcohol-based theatrics.

For more information on Peking Lodge, checkout its official Facebook page.