There’s been something rumbling on social media for the last week or so – a black package, a signature basil infused drink, sophistication, an image of a woman’s silhouette intriguingly looking out at one of the best panoramic views of Cairo you’re likely to find.

Looking down upon the glorious hustle and bustle of Downtown Cairo from a stunning 36th floor location, there’s been plenty of buzz around OPIA Lounge & Bar and with it set to open this month, we’re all going to finally see what the big fuss is about.


Although the OPIA team are keeping things a little hush-hush, what we do know is that it’s shaping up to be a rather unique new addition to Cairo’s dining and nightlife scenes, in offering the complete rooftop experience.

You see, although we might often forget it, Cairo’s skyline is a beautiful temptress – something that OPIA more than appreciates and makes use of with a truly phenomenal panoramic view. If it looks this good in the photo, imagine how good it will look in person.

Opia's Signature Glass Teaser Shot

In terms of the cuisine, we’ve been hearing murmurings of the venue’s signature OPIA Bites, which are key to OPIA’s sharing experience. With the promise of fresh, quality ingredients and new, innovative techniques in the kitchen, there’s a distinctly Mediterranean flavour to the bites, while the bar also has several signature cocktails; we’ve heard that the ‘’Basil Bees Knees’’ is one to look out for and they’re all served in OPIA’s rather quirky signature glasses.

And so there we have it – yes, information is still a little vague, but from what we do know, this is going to be something special. Make sure you keep an eye on social media for the #OPIAinTheSky hashtag as the city’s top influencers get a little taste of what’s to come.

For more information, check out OPIA on Facebook [HYPERLINK] and Instagram.

By Kalam El Qahaira