You don’t have to wait for the weekend to have a blast. This week, the hottest spots in Cairo are cooking up a selection of extraordinary nights. So go ahead and forget about your noisy workplace, and the hectic load on your shoulders; it’s time to party.

1) Shawerma (Debut) / Ahmed Saleh @ Cairo Jazz Club (6th of March)


Shawerma is here! No, not the food, the band... Cairo Jazz Club will see Shawerma taking to the stage, with their algorithmic visuals and hip electronic music. DJ Ahmed Saleh will also be bringing his oriental tunes and trip hop to the same stage.

2) Game Night @ The Tap (6th of March)


If you’re in the mood for kicking back, or kicking someone’s bu**, you should head to The Tap Maadi, The Tap East or The Tap West; Tuesday at The Taps marks Game Night! To be honest, what better way to end a mid-week work crisis, than an endless night of games?


3) R&B Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (6th of March)


Tuesday happens to be some people’s favourite hangout day, and DJ Feedo happens to be everyone’s favourite local R&B/Hip hop master. Gŭ Bar is bringing you both these things: DJ Feedo on Tuesday. Yield to his beats, and groove to them as he conquers the decks!


4) Cairo 360′s 8th Anniversary ft. Feedo @ Cairo Jazz Club (7th of March)


The folks at Cairo 360 have been waiting to twerk and boogie for months now. It is Cairo 360’s 8th Birthday and, to pay homage to a long standing tradition, our sister site will be celebrating at Cairo Jazz Club, Agouza. To make things even more special, DJ Feedo will be spicing up the dance floor, ensuring that we all party the Cairo 360 way.


5) Wust El Balad (New Album) @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (7th of March)


If you find yourself getting some serious kicks out of Wust El Balad’s oriental and western fusions, well, they will be performing their newest album “Bantaloni El Jeans” live at Cairo Jazz Club 610 this Wednesday.


6) Bluezophrenia @ The Tap East (7th of March)


One of Egypt’s best cover bands, Bluezophrenia, will be taking to the stage with their selection of rock, funk, and blues covers at the Tap East.

By Sara Mosharef