We don’t have to keep telling you about breaking loose and getting rid of all your work stress, because the answer to all of your issues lies within a party or two. So, here’s a list of the hottest parties happening this mid-week.

1) Egyptian Project (Acoustic) @ Cairo Jazz Club 610  (19/3)


Egyptian Project band will be back at Cairo Jazz Club 610, with another acoustic performance, showcasing their mastery over oriental songs and mawaweel.

2) Misty @ Cairo Jazz Club (19/3)


Another party is taking place on the other side of Cairo, at Cairo Jazz Club, where DJ Misty will provide the tunes and leave the moves to you.

3) Tech it up “T.N.T Vol3” @24k (19/3)


Rocking the crowd is what 24K Bar and Restaurant always does. Tech it up continues with their favourite DJs: Carlos, Hossam Jamaica and Dozee.

4) Gents Night @ Stage One (19/3)


Gentlemen deserve to have a night especially for them, that’s why Stage One created the Gents Night party; get the boys together, enter on a complimentary basis, and enjoy a live performance by a belly dancer and a DJ.

5) Miss Behave ft. Okasha @ Saigon Restruant and Lounge (19/3)


Singer Okasha is still performing at Saigon’s Miss Behave party. Go as wild as you can, and break the rules with your funky grooves!

6) CJC X MADA: Found in Translation III @ Cairo Jazz Club (20/3)


A very unique night is happening at CJC, where they take art to a whole new level. For the third edition of Found in Translation with Mada Masr wesbite, CJC is bringing Do’souqa band to open the night, followed with poetry read by Mansour, while the song writer Youssra El Hawary teams up with violinist Nancy Mounir and Yasmine El Baramawy on the oud. This special night will also feature some oud tunes courtesy of Yasmine Baramawy, heavy metal with Mascara, and contemporary folk with Dina El Wedidi.

7) Basementality ft. Hassan AbouAllam @ Basement – Urban Pub (20/3)


There’s no better party than the Basementality, and this time DJ Hassan AbouAllam is the one heating it up!

8) Game Night @ The Tap West (20/3)


Loosen up and forget about the work dilemmas with a fun game night at The Tap West; the venue just added a new game called Fear Bong.

9) Oum (Visting) / Dokkan @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (21/3)


Oum band are bringing their Moroccan Soul to CJC, along with Dokkan and their unique mixture of oud, guitar, percussion and bass. What better Wednesday than this?

10) Disco 7amra ft. Disco Misr / Safi @ Cairo Jazz Club (21/3)


Disco 7amra Party is back everyone! Prepare yourself to shake it with some disco beats, served up by Disco Misr duo and DJ Safi: the local masters of electronic and oriental fusions.

11) ZigZag Live feat. Tomka Reid & Nick Mazzarella @ Zigzag (21/3)


ZigZag decided to give you a remarkable live performance by Cellist Tomka Reid & Saxophonist Nick Mazzarella this Wednesday, with DJ FrogMoose opening and closing the night.

13) DJ Feedo @ The Tap West (21/3)


DJ Feedo will be hitting The Tap West’s decks with his R&B/ Hip hop tunes this Wednesday. Prepare your dancing kicks people!