The weekend has arrived and if you're not already in Sahel, you're probably adding the last touches before you head north. As always, there are plenty of parties to dive head-first into, but whether by coincidence or by some kind of divine design, Friday is looking particularly yummy...


 frankey sandrino

Boasting what is possibly the most impressive line-up of the summer so far, Theater of Dreams and Freedom Music are teaming up again for an all-day fiesta of music. Taking place at Sol Beach, this special Sahel edition of the Freedom Music Festival has a little bit of a German flavour to it, with Soul Button and Frankey & Sandrino sharing the spotlight. But some of Egypt's finest are also coming out to play, with Baher, Hisham Zahran and Sebbz also set to strut their stuff. 


maya maghraby

Though one of this weekend's highlight events, Hakim, is fully booked, there's plenty to sink your teeth to at 6IX Degrees, including Top of the Pops on Saturday, which sees DJ Lyon Avakian play all the best new and old, eastern and western pop faves. But this weekend's edition of Friday Heat is set to be a big one, with one of Egypt's most in-demand DJs, Maya Maghraby, set to hypnotise (her hips definitely do not lie). Maya has become a favourite at the Sahel super club and you'll only really understand why until you've seen it for yourself.


luis fonsi

Arco might want to think about moving into the events business, because they've put together one hell of a party - a summer tropical party to be exact. Lebanese superstar and former 4 Cats member (remember The 4 Cats???) Nicole Saba is set to perform, but the real jewel of this particular crown is Mr Despacito himself, Luis Fonsi, is also set to take to the stage. Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee won;t be joining him unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it), but still, that's the guy. The Despacito guy. Eek!



It was about one year ago today (that's a wild approximation by the way) that Amr Emad and Mostafa El Sherif, aka Disco Misr, aka Egypt's hottest DJ duo took over Tabla Sahel for the launch of a new album - and, well, here we are again and based on that experience, this is shaping up to be one hell of party. While the twosome's unique retro-Arabic-mish-mashing isn't everyone's cup of tea, there's one thing we can all agree on - they really know how to get people moving.



After finishing up at the Freedom Music Festival, Baher, Sebbz and probably most of the festival's attendees will move the party over to Exit, where they won't be finishing up till the wee hours of Saturday morning - so it's going to be a long day. But this the filling of this weekend;s Exit sandwich. On wither side of this night, Jimmy, A-Squared (Thursday), Hazem and A.Salah (Saturday) are also set to perform. Yum.

For more events in Sahel (and in Cairo) check out the CG events calendar.