The opening of Cairo Jazz Club 610 surely made a lot of 6th of October residents happy, and what will make them even happier is that we have got the best nights there in February in one place!

Hangover Brunch ft. Hassan Ramzy & Safi (10th)

hassan ramzy

If you spent the better part of the weekend celebrating CJC 610 opening right next to your home, you must have quiet the hangover from all the booze you drank. CJC 610 is offering you a chance to freshen up for a new week with an afternoon brunch and some cocktails, as the singer Hassan Ramzy performs some of your favourite covers and some of his best original songs! Afterwards, we will be having DJ Safi on decks, shuffling through his mind-boggling sets!

Tuesday After Work Affair ft. Marc Wahba & Shawky (13th)


After a long day at work, you will get a chance to recharge at CJC 610! Alongside their cocktails and mouth-watering food, you will be listening to DJ Marc Wahba sets as he gets it lit, followed by DJ Shawky pumping us with some deep and chill kind of bass.

Spinning Friday ft. A.K & Kaboo (16th)


One of this month’s weekends will feature the UAE based DJ and Middle East Champion, DJ KaBoo, with some hiphop, R&B and house sets that will spin you around like the house is going to burn down. Up next on decks is DJ A.K, who has been known for his seamless hiphop and R&B tracks’ transitions and balanced but exciting mixes!

Monday Selections ft. Egyptian Project (19th)


Egyptian Project has been telling stories of culture and tradition. Through their impeccable infusions of oriental and electronic tunes, these guys have booked their spot as CJC regulars.  Thanks to Sayed Emam’s soothing vocals, listening to their tunes takes fans on a long journey, beyond the bounds of space and time. This month, the band will be taking to CJC’s stage with a very unique performance: we say unique because Jérôme Ettinger’s absence has given this band a chance to head down the acoustic path.

Spinning Friday ft. A-Squared & Co (23rd)


We are used to seeing A-Squared at CJC Agouza, but this is the first time they will be performing at the CJC 610 and their first “CO” session there as well! As A-Squared (Ali Ahmed & Amr el Banna) play their groovy tunes, they will be inviting other talented DJs to share the decks with them. So expect variety, deep bass and house tunes!

Autostrad (28th)


With several performances at CJC, the Jordnian band Autostrad is back; and this time, they will be performing at CJC's newest venue, 610. Their large number of followers in Egypt have been waiting for their blends of jazz, funk, rock and reggae tunes that captivate the senses with bliss.