Last we talked about Ballantine’s True Music, we recounted their hot summer parties and them inviting three of our best local DJs to attend a Boiler Room in Moscow, Russia, on the 28th of February.

Recently, Ballentine’s have announced their line-up for Moscow’s Boiler Room, and we are amped-up to say that even if you are staying in the capital, you still have a chance at feeding off the Ballantine’s party vibes through a live streaming broadcast party at the Unicorn Garden, Downtown.

Moscow’s Boiler Room, is part of the 2019 tour of Ballantine’s True Music project, taking place over four countries: Russia, Poland, Spain, and South Africa.

The line-up will feature many international spinners such as Shadowax, Buttechno, Abelle, Karenn, Bambounou, Sergey Golikov, and A-Fruit.

Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky & Boiler Room’s collaboration isn’t new to the scene, as they have been putting all their efforts into pushing local DJs in different countries towards international stardom. Last summer was their first time in Egypt, but it is definitely not a first for them.

 Since the partnership started in 2013, they have helped 220 artists be heard by more than 115 million viewers from 150 different countries. This year marks the renewal of the partnership for three more years of bringing musicians, promoters, venue owners, technicians, music freaks, and more, together.

Ballantine’s Head of Music, Tom Elton, said of the project “For more than four years we have celebrated and showcased amazing artists from all over the world; now is the time to take it  a step further and work alongside these communities to give real support where it’s needed.”

Watch the documentary Ballantine’s x Boiler Room have created on the challenges facing the music industry in Moscow here.

Ballantine’s and Boiler Room believe that through being involved in communities where the music scene is struggling, it can help them document the challenges and adopt new methods in order to let the DJs thrive; without worrying about anything such as venue closures, limited community support, regulatory pressures, or an inability to promote music.

Giving a platform to underground music communities is the very ethos Boiler Room is founded on”, Blaise Belville, Founder & CEO of Boiler Room told us.