Being the product of a smart collab between bedazzling talents and hard work, Egyptian Project has managed to score countless performances in key venues, as well as a die-hard fan base. Egyptian Project also managed to draw the attention of Cairo Jazz Club. This is exactly why the folks at CJC are serving up a night saturated with acoustic tunes (courtesy of Egyptian Project), on Saturday the 10th of February.

Resolved on upholding the tradition & culture that runs through Egyptian music, Egyptian Project - much like Cairo Jazz Club - serves up the best of cocktails. How so? well, let's just say that Egyptian Project takes our favorite electronic tunes, and mixes them up with the elements we love the most about Middle Eastern tunes (rababa, percussions, nay, dof, rek, darbouka, sagates, kawala, argûl, violin, and of course an ever present sense of nostalgia), adds a dash of Sayed Emam's very soothing vocals, only to produce a perfectly balanced musical cocktail.

For starters there is the dof, sagates, rek, darbouka and dhola expert, Ragab Sadek; hitting the strings of both the violin and rababa, there is Slama Metwally; and on drum duty Anthony Bondu has been placed. Much like CJC, Egyptian Project’s music has expressed incredible extreme of local beats. This fondness will be on special display this Saturday night, with the absence of Egyptian Project’s French vocalist and artist Jérôme Ettinger. We can’t wait to see what the marriage between CJC, and a modified version of Egyptian Project will bring!