It’s safe to assume we’re all mentally preparing for Eid break right now. What with this weather and the scorching sun; being on a beach right now is the dream!

The great news is, we’ve got a lot to look forward to with summer being almost here, bringing its summer nights, the beach, and more specifically all the parties! This summer is already starting to look especially fine. With Cheers Egypt’s official launch of their delivery services right to the middle of the Red Sea back in Easter break, they’ll also be extending their blissful presence to the shores of Sahel! So there’ll be no need to toss a coin or squabble with your buddies over who will head to the nearest liquor store for refills to keep the party going! You can easily hit up Cheers Egypt, and they’ll gladly cater to all your party needs, whether it’s liquor, energy drinks, or even cigarettes! 

They can be reached on 19131, and of course on their Facebook and Instagram, or you can check out their website right here.

Cheers, Cairenes!