Channel your inner party animal and get ready to party all night long because we’ve got the scoop on all the awesome parties happening in our great capital this weekend!

Starting with Thursday, head to CJC’s Thursday Night Live with Funk off, and the ever-jazzy cover band, Amro and The Big Bang Boogie who will be in charge of the music! And, since we’re speaking of wild parties, make sure you don’t miss Doggy Dogg’s crazy spinning at The Tap Maadi.

Over on the east side, Motherfunkers will get everyone grooving at The Tap East this Thursday.

While on the west side, over at Cairo Jazz Club 610, Oriol Calvo and Ahmed Eid will take the decks, take it from us, you don’t want to miss it! The folks at The Tap West will be grooving with Soul M and king Feedo. 

If you’re feeling oriental, head to Gŭ Lounge’s awesome WKND party with Hassan El Kholaky and their awesome belly dancers.

Kick off your Friday at CJC 610’s Friday brunch with Omar Emara’s awesome tunes. At night, everyone at CJC 610 will boogie with the king himself, Feedo, with another wild edition of Block Party!

Mr. Arafa will be at The Tap East with the sickest mixes. The Tap Maadi is bringing Frogmoose this Friday where it’s all about rock, pop and punk!

Gŭ Lounge’s awesome WKND party continues on Friday with Hamza El Soghier and their excellent belly dancers.

On Saturday, head to The Tap West because Spade of Hearts will be jazzing it up! As always it’s your favourite Saturday brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610, featuring Gravity and Gahallah!

Meanwhile, Ahmed Shiba will be at Gu Lounge along with the awesome belly dancers this Saturday, make sure you don’t miss it! And finally, get ready for Jack at The Tap Maadi.

Back to the east side of the city, up on The Tap East’s decks is your favourite DJ Teddy, make sure you don’t miss the chance to dance all night long! While, High Dam are taking the stage by storm at Cairo Jazz Club for one hell of a night!