Stop stressing out; it’ll all be okay with a party somewhere in the arms of big mama, Cairo. Cairo is literally the ideal choice for a midweek escape! Here’s the list of all the parties happening this midweek.


 1.       Tuesday After Work BBQ ft. Anis/Mobzz @ Cairo Jazz Club 610


Tuesday can never be the same without CJC 610’s After Work BBQ! This week your food will be served with a mix of your favourite music played by DJs Anis and Mobzz.


 2.       R&B/Hip Hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Lounge


Ladies are still the luckiest! This is simply because the king himself, Feedo, is still mastering a Ladies Night at Gu Lounge, just like the way they like it.


 3.       Ibiza Tuesday @ 24K


Make sure you are in Ibiza with the hottest music by DJs Ahmed Samy, Carlos, Hatem Zahran, Jimmy and Zio. You are there to dance all night!


 4.       The Meteors Project / $$$TAG$$$ @ Cairo Jazz Club


Because Cairo Jazz Club is all about new performances, this week they’re welcoming Meteors Project, then some insane beats by DJ TAG.


 5.       Rewind ft. Sewwes @ The Tap West


The Tap West knows you love going back in time with their rewind parties, so this week they’re leaving it on Sewwes.


 6.       R&B Night @ OPIA


No one serves R&B like Soul M does, especially when we’re already mesmerized by OPIA’s view!


 7.       Boogie Night ft. RamyDJunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club


Who doesn’t love to boogie? Absolutely nobody! Head to CJC and enjoy one more epic boogie night with everyone’s favourite DJ, RamyDJunkie.


 8.       Shake It @ Gŭ Bar


You’re definitely won’t stop shaking your body with Mahmoud El Leithy at Gu Lounge!


 9.       Nour Project & Salalem @ Cairo Jazz Club 610


Two unique bands are taking over CJC 610, and you shouldn’t miss it! Head there and spend the night of your life with Nour Project and Salalem.

By Sara Mosharef