If you feel you’ve been cheated out of a singing career because your voice is just out of this world, then this article is for you. We took the liberty of preparing a list of the best places where they have glass that doesn’t shatter, and where you can karaoke! 

1. Bella Figura

Located in Maadi, Bella Figura offers a cosy atmosphere, genuine Italian cuisine, and great cocktails. They host a karaoke night every Sunday, so channel your inner Whitney and head down there!

2. The Smokery, Heliopolis

Not only is The Smokery, Heliopolis one of the hottest spots around town, they also have karaoke every Tuesday. So you can sing the midweek stress away, and into the ears of everyone else!

3. Room Art Space

Grab your Kelly and Michelle, and head down to Room Art Space, and show everyone you’re the Beyonce!

4. 7 Karaoke

Located in Maadi, 7 Karaoke is an authentic Chinese restaurant where there’s always karaoke. Head down there any day of the week and sing your lungs out. They also have private karaoke booths, so it’s basically like you’re in your car, jamming to your favourite music, only there’s Chinese food and drinks!

5. Cheers

If you’re looking for a cool spot to grab some food and drinks with your friends and sing your heart out on a Saturday, Cheers bar in Maadi is the place for you!

Bonus: The Tap Maadi

Imagine yourself on stage at The Tap Maadi singing! Cool, right? Head down there on Jam Night and maybe your talent will be discovered when you jam it with the bands on stage.

And if these places aren’t a big enough platform for your marvellous talent, you can have your own karaoke night in the car!

By Dina Khafagy