Good news boys and girls, it’s Thursday! Which means the wait is over and the weekend is finally here. So gather up your squads and get ready to party.

Starting with Thursday, don’t miss The Wanton Bishops and Raindogs at Cairo Jazz Club, as it’s going to be a wild Thursday Night Live!

If you’re in the mood for some oriental vibes, head to Rawi, because the amazing Linda will be there shaking it all night long! And, since we’re talking belly dancers, Gu Lounge is having their awesome WKND party with DJ Kajo and their very own stunning belly dancers.

Meanwhile, at The Tap Maadi, it’s back to the future with AK. At the Tap East, DJ Lyon Avakian will hit you with the best pop tunes! On the west side of town, The Tap West is throwing a wild party with Disco Masr and MK, you don’t want to miss that.

On Friday, Ayman Nageeb, Arrab (formerly known as Vega), and Omar Sherif will set Friday Fever on fire at Cairo Jazz Club! Meanwhile, FarahH and kidmims are the ladies in charge of the music at The Tap Maadi. While at The Tap East, get ready for some sick house sets with Gloria Roffael and Azaar!

On the west side of town, Purplpitch and Feedo will be setting The Tap West’s decks on fire. Head to your favorite Friday Brunch with your squad, and enjoy Double Trouble’s tunes over CJC 610’s lovely terrace! When it gets dark, get ready because, for the first time Egyptian Rapper Abyusif will perform at CJC 610, followed by FrogMoose and Bubblegum Kollectiv.

And since it’s still Friday, that means Gu Lounge’s awesome WKND party continues with DJ Kajo and their belly dancers.

As for Saturday, get ready for some Nubian vibes with the one and only Asia Madani. DJ TATA will be at The Tap Maadi, so get ready for some old school vinyl spinning! As for The Tap East, it’s all about the best pop hits with DJ Kashouty.

Don’t miss DJ Teddy at The Tap West, because he will keep you shaking it to the best pop hits on that dance floor! Don’t miss Saturday Blast at Gu Lounge with Ahmed Sheba, as he will keep you on your feet all night long, along with the awesome belly dance show!