What are you most excited about: Eid, the summer, or the parties? Well, we guess everything! But let’s focus now on the parties for Eid, because that’s what we’ve been waiting for the most.


It all starts with El Wa2fa (Thursday), The Garden Nile Front is hosting the ultimate Wa2fa Night with DJs Al Nenni and Marry. While, 24k is kicking a summer party a bit early with a mix of everything you need to hear with DJs Jimmy, Fuzzy, Hossam Jamaica, and Hala B.


As for the first day of Eid (Friday), nothing is better and busier than this! Cairo Jazz Club is celebrating two things. The first is our national team’s first World Cup match in 28 years with a screening of the match. Secondly, they are celebrating your “oh God why” presence in Cairo, with the Stranded in Cairo party where Ayman Nageeb is ready to make you party all night. DJ Feedo is bringing the best of his Hip Hop and R&B tunes to The Tap West; and The Tap Maadi choose the same genre with DJ Fat Sam.

Elsewhere, Gu Bar is going all oriental, not just for a day, but for the whole Eid vacation with their Eid Festival parties! And the first day is going to be with Hamza El Soghayar. While Armen V is set to make everyone dance until their feet hurt at The Tap East. And, CJC 610 is coming back pretty hard with a night full of your favourite commercial house sets with DJ Meish, and of course the screening of Egypt’s match against Uruguay.

We’re not forgetting that some people love partying on a rooftop. This is why we suggest you head to the Nile Ritz Carlton’s bar and club, NOX, to celebrate Eid and to move some hips with belly dancer Johara and DJ Black.

One of your favourite parties at Bella Figura is back in its 6th edition, or we might say Feast Edition. Midnioz Vol. 6 is bringing a huge number of DJs you shouldn’t miss. And lastly, The Garden Nile Front thinks there’s no Eid without some R&B tunes so they decided that DJ Fedde will be on duty.


You think all the fun was just on the first day? No way, second day of Eid (Saturday) is even better! Egyptian Project are bringing their acoustic tunes and are heading to Cairo Jazz Club. DJ Sewees is bringing his Disco and Funk vibes to The Tap East. And, DJs Nada & Mo Omran are playing at The Garden Nile Front for a night to keep in the memory.

While Soul II Soul party is shaking the roof at 24k with DJ Sam Salah, Keji will be preparing an Orb Night with their unusual DJ Appo.  Don’t forget DJ MAN-O who will be hitting some house beats at The Tap Maadi, and DJ Teddy who will be moving your bodies at The Tap West.

The sha3by vibes are still getting served at Gu Bar in their Eid Festival with everyone’s favourite, Mahmoud El Leithy. On the other hand, NOX is pleasing everyone by bringing DJ Martin, belly dancer Sahar and violinist Azmy.


This is where we say goodbye to the Eid vacation, the weekend and our happy thoughts. But we’re not letting go that easy, because there are still two of the best parties happening on Sunday. One jazzy night at Cairo Jazz Club with Bluezophrenia and Bluenotes; and another oriental night with belly dancer Naomi at Gu Bar’s Eid Festival party.

By Sara Mosharef