Don’t let the weather hold you back, because this weekend is one of the busiest weekends of all time. A little bit of everything is happening EVERYWHERE!

Starting off with Thursday, Cairo Jazz Club is planning a birthday for Farra, and Bella Figura is back on the list with a Mashup Thursday and some mixes by DJ AKM, while Salalem band take over at The Tap East with their humorous tunes.

On the other hand, an oriental night is in store for you at OPIA Bar and Restaurant,where belly dancer Linda Morinto will be shaking her hips to the drums of Mostafa Taha; as the night grows older at OPIA Bar and Restaurant, DJs Philip Lupa & Ferry will be playing back to back. AEON is on the list too, with DJs Alexander B and Kareem Saber serving up a crazy night over some hot tunes.

Elsewhere,at Cairo Jazz Club 610, Sebzz and Ouzo are taking to the decks with some insane tech house beats, and DJ Feedo is firing it up at The Tap West. You can also head to either the regular Nile Vibes party at The Garden Nile Front featuring DJs AL Nenni, Zak and Sheeko, or head to Nineteen Twenty Five’s Reverb Party featuring DJs Ghandokli and Suga Babes. 

We brought to you lots of Thursday night parties, but that doesn’t mean you get to stay in bed all day on Friday… No, absolutely not! Friday begins with a brunch at The Tap East, where Sara Moullablad will be jazzing up your afternoon, while Cairo Jazz Club, the masters of anniversary parties, celebrate Mohasseb’s 6th Anniversary with a twist courtesy of Heavy Pins.  24K is also going big with its “La Familia” event, which will bring a mix of everything as DJs Hafez, Jimmy, Fayek, and M. Badr take to the decks. The famous WKND party by Gŭ Bar is back again with the sushi, good vibes, and sexy dancing by their favourite belly dancers on the menu.

DJ A.K is back at Cairo Jazz Club 610 with his new/old school R&B and Hip Hop tunes and, to ensure the party doesn’t stop, Alak Jackson will also be making his way to Cairo Jazz Club 610. In the meanwhile, Bella Figura is welcoming its goers with the best Tech House, Deep House and Techno music as DJs Vision-D, Karim Diwan, Omar Aly and Bagi take to the decks. And, finally, an oriental night is in store for you at The Garden Nile front with Belly Dancer Daniella and DJ Sheeko. 

Cairo Jazz is actually taking over Saturday, with Electro Sha3bi night happening at Cairo Jazz Club featuring Sadat and Islam Chipsy. On the other side of Egypt, Cairo Jazz Club 610 is starting Saturday with a brunch to the tunes of AWE, and ending the night with The Cadillacs. Last but not least, the newly opened sky-high venue, Mantis, are back it with their Saturday party, which will feature DJ Supersan and Dokkan band!

These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

By Sara Mosharef