You can’t stay at home afraid of the storm because no one really knows if it’s coming or not. Since Cairo’s top bars and clubs are preparing the best for you, prepare yourself to boogie all weekend!

Starting off with our favourite Thursday, the kings of anniversaries, Cairo Jazz Club, are preparing one more anniversary for Amro and The Big Bang Boogie, because their old school funk pop music is turning three. Gu Bar’s famous WKND party is still on with percussionist Auxido and belly dancer Roxana, and the hot Reverb party continues at Nineteen Twenty Five, but this time with DJ Basim Flix.

On the west side of Cairo, Ahmed Eid will be serving an electric night at Cairo Jazz Club 610, while DJ Feedo will be moving our bodies with his R&B and Hip Hop insanity at The Tap West.

And for the usual Thursday at Zigzag, they’re going for Minus T to make it a special one. Meanwhile, the oriental Thursday at Music Zone is just something else, their resident DJs Rika, Migoo and Bassem will make sure your hips move the right way.

Finally, two special DJs are on the list this weekend, Ramy DJunkie is heading to The Tap Maadi for their All That DJunk special party, and DJ Nada is setting The Garden Nile Front on fire with her house sets alongside DJs Mo Omran and Sheeko.

Let’s start an early Friday with a brunch at either The Tap West, over the acoustic tunes of Sobhi and Agaty, or at The Tap East, with Sidewalk supplying the sounds. At Night, Mobzz will be waiting for you to enjoy his hot R&B tunes at Cairo Jazz Club 610; DJ Jorg will be shuffling through his sets at Zigzag; and your favourite duo Aguizi & Fahim will light it up at The Tap East, with a little help by the youngest one in the field, DJ Moenes.

If all you need is an oriental night, we got you! Music Zone’s Hashtaka Night is bringing Abdel Basset Hamouda to do the singing, and belly dancer Lurdiana for all the dancing. The Garden Nile Front is also going oriental with DJ Sheeko and belly dancer Daniella. The regular Fel Badroom night is still happening at the Basement – Urban Pub for all the 90’s lovers.

As the weekend ends, Saturday should always start with a brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610, as their food will get even tastier when Nathalie Bichara & Samer George are performing. After that, you can just head to Gu Bar’s Heshek Beshek and wait for Shiba and belly dancer Sahar. Or, you can have a karaoke night and sing your lungs out at the Basement – Urban Pub.

And finally, an epic night is waiting for you at Cairo Jazz Club as they’re going all sha3by in the last Saturday L’Oriental before Ramadan with DJs Sadat and Islam Chipsy.

These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

By Sara Mosharef